Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks: Chatbots and Machine Learning  

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Letecia - The Learning Technologies Chatbot

Latecia is an interesting project that I took on when I got curious about chatbots and how they work. By now, people are really starting to come around to the idea that our personal and professional lives are about to be radically changed by AI technologies like ChatGPT and its contemporaries, like Bard, Bing AI, etc. While a Python chatbot is a little "old hat", I really wanted to get a sense for how machine learning and language models work at the most basic level. At the suggestion of the department, I coded a neural network chatbot with Python and trained it on the Learning Technologies Masters Program website. While I don't have a computer science background (I am definitely not a coder) learning how to do it was the perfect introduction to machine learning and artificial intelligence.  

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Letecia is a fully deployed app hosted on Google Cloud Services.  (Figuring that out was actually the hardest part.)   

Try her out! Ask her (almost) anything.