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Exploring the Elements of Influence on Perspective with Digital Learning

This project is a great example of where learning experience design can take you to some pretty new and interesting places.  I created this course to help a professor of Business Ethics at St. Edward's University in Austin.  His desire was to help the students understand the varitey of factors that can influence a person's personal and subjective perspective.  He complained tha, while his students were astute and higly intelligent, he just could get them to really understand how their perspective was shaped by external factors in their lives.  Enter the Perspective lab.     

How do you create a learning experience that really demostrates the phenomena of influential life experiences? How do you make them "feel" normative ethics? 

That's really the challenge for true expereintial design.  It's not about conceptualization, it's about living the lesson and facilitaing the opportunity to learn from it.  I found some really interesting solutions to these challenges. In this lab is a false memory experiencebased on the The Deese-Roediger-McDermott (DRM) Task, an ethical debate facilited by AI created characters, a challenge in applying normative ethics in  video game strategies, and a task to try an teach an AI chatbot to behave ethically.  

We're really exctited to roll out this experience this semester.  We want to see this grow into something the students will always remember. 

Try it out for yourself!